Multiplayer games
for the web platform

Vuoro Design is Joni Korpi making games on the web using HTML, CSS, JS, shaders, and responsive design.
Isometric 5-by-7 pixel font Vuoro logo

Working on

Vuorokausi —

Turn-based multiplayer, with a focus on collaboration.

Valtakunta —

Side-scrolling strategy, with a twist on parallax.

Valtameri —

Sailing and tactics, powered by novel multiplayer architecture.

Core pillars

Use the web platform
The game should feel like it belongs on the web, rather than being embedded there.
Only multiplayer
The more players I manage to get into a shared world, the happier I'll be.
Players impact the world
Player actions should keep the game world in continous flux, and its state should both affect and motivate gameplay.
Expressive traversal mechanics
Moving slow, moving fast, hiding, crashing, tumbling…. Navigating the game world should be a series of challenges and decisions.
Hidden information and input randomness
Fewer dice rolls. More stealth, line of sight, guesstimation, vague maps, and changing conditions.